Automate your trading with The Ninja EA

Automate your trading with The Ninja EA

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The Ninja EA Features

MYFXBOOK: Below, you can observe an example of  a High Risk account on XAUUSD with 69.69% gains in 2 months. High risk means that we allowed a 15% DrawDown. Tap the images to see the entire account history.

The Ninja EA makes your trading smarter

The most advanced Algo available on the market

Professional trading tool

Easy to use even for beginners

From our users

photo_2024-05-01 20.21.00
Member in the learning stage, using The Ninja EA on. a demo account.
photo_2024-05-01 20.21.08
$4.7k generated by one of our members with the EURUSD setfile
photo_2024-05-01 20.21.14
$1.1k generated with the XAUUSD setfile

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The Ninja EA is a valuable product with a professional team in the back and hunderds of results from the past members. 

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Benefits of auto trading with The Ninja EA

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